Stainless Steel Cookware



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PureWare Cookware Features

Note the benefits

  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Thermal bottom: 7-layered bottom with heat conduction
  • Food warms quickly and material retains heat well
  • Suitable for all cooking sources: electric and gas stoves or glass and ceramic or halogen burners
  • Practical pouring rim prevents dripping
  • Handles will not heat up
  • Practical and attractive
  • Food and fat particles do not collect in corners
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

PureWare is your cookware choice for the healthy preparation of food.  By cooking with little water and frying with little fat, loss of vitamins, minerals and FLAVOR is minimized. Especially suited for diet menus,  food cooked in PureWare retains flavor and does not need additional salt.

High quality construction runs throughout Purware, from the practical pouring rims which prevent dripping, to the handles which do not heat up. It is a practical AND attractive alternative to the typical cookware sold by all others.

Cleanup is easy. PureWare cookware products are dishwasher safe and designed so that food and fat particles do not collect in corners. It is a pleasure to use and maintain.