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16 Piece Cookware Set

Posted in: Featured, Products by admin on April 17, 2009 | No Comments

MULTIPLE COMBINATION POSSIBILITIES with this 16 piece cookware set!

  • Create healthy gourmet meals with style with this 304 Surgical 18/10 Europe stainless steel cookware set.
  • Featuring a 7-layer capsule bottom. The aluminum coated in these layers allows for easy thermal conductivity and retention, so you get the benefit of the heat conduit with cooking with aluminum, without the reactivity of the metal with your food.
  • Heat spreads evenly across the bottom of the pans, and a buffer zone is created between the heat and your food to prevent scorching.
  • Thermo control lids assure precision in cooking. Start cooking at medium heat, and once the indicator reaches the green area on the thermo knob, set the heat to low, thus retaining the energy, nutrients, and flavor in your food. 
  • Chic looking surgical-grade set looks great in any kitchen decor.
  • Pieces can be stacked. Cook multiple dishes on one burner.
  • Mixed Bakelite and stainless steel handles.
  • Good for induction-based cooktops.
  • Oven and dishwasher safe.

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3 Casseroles with Glass Lids

The contemporary design offers easy and simple serving from the cooktop to the table.

One 1.6-liter 16 x 8 cm casserole
One 3.1-liter 20 x 10 cm casserole
One 6.3-liter 24 x 14.5 cm casserole



Saucepan with Lid

This saucepan is a basic component for the kitchen.  Heavy lid and long handles make this a versatile and useful pan for all meals.

1.6-liter 16 x 8 mm saucepan




Frying pan with lid & grill pattern interior

Heat distributes easily and evenly in the pan with the design of the skillet and large surface area, while the long handle offers perfect balance and control. Grill interior ensures that food does not sit on any oil or fat during the cooking process, thus retaining flavor and nutrients.

                                                                                                       One 2.9-liter 24 x 6.5 cm fry pan




For healthier meals, steam meats and vegetables in stainless steel with low heat and less cook time. Pureware’s universal steamer stacks nicely on top of the 20cm casserole. 

                                                                                                      One 3.1-liter 20 x 10 cm steamer



Mixing bowl with plastic lid

Take advantage of Pureware’s stacked cooking technology by placing the mixing bowl on top of the 20cm casserole during the cooking process to make sauces, sides, and even dessert – all on the same burner!  

Great piece to mix dough, prepare salads, and much more! 

One covered 20-cm mixing bowl.




Two Bakelite trivets.

One suction knob to be used when preparing meals with the stacked cooking process.